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From: s.a.jones@thrive.co.uk
To: manc-exile@yahoo.com

Subject : You drive me fucking insane

Okay Deb. I get it.

Fuck... I always knew you like that sad bastard more than me.

JOKING! Christ woman... I can read your mind from this distance away.

All I meant was that I need to stop Vinnie having around me too much. It's not good for him. He should be spending time with that Aussi wanker, not me.

I'm going to try and tell him though he's not going to listen to me. Fucker never does.

Any road.. he got your present though he's not opened it yet. He's waiting for his birthday before he does. Did he tell you, I'm holding the biggest birthday party for him, Manchester won't have seen anything like it. He's going to have everything, it will piss all over Cameron's attempt at a celebration, I just know it.

See you soon

S xxx
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From: manc-exile@yahoo.com
To: s.a.jones@thrive.co.uk

Subject: [No subject]

I don't even know what to say to you right now. I've just gotten a letter from Vince and he says Cam told him that you made a fucking pass at him. I told him that if something had been said that could be interpreted as a pass that it would have been you looking out for him in your own stupid way. Don't tell me anything else about it because if you were actually trying to cut Vince's legs out from under him for the sake of a jealousy fuck? I Don't. Want. To. Know. This is your best friend's heart your playing with here. Grow the FUCK UP already, Stuart.
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Just a quick one this time, bloody Harlo's have me working a 12 hour shift today and I think I've only had 4 hours sleep at the most. Stu was really on one last night... Christ knows what was up with him.

He only copped off with 2 blokes and even then, went home alone. Well.. I went home with him but I kipped on the sofa as he was well pissed. Vodka & orange and Stuart don't make for a pretty sight on some nights and I didn't know if he was going to throw up or not. He was still asleep when I left this morning to come get ready for work so I called Sandra to make excuses for him till he emerges. Do you know what's up with him? He's not really telling me anything.

Bastard fucking irishman.

We're not talking about the footy. It's been most painful of recent as you might have heard. Stuart just laughs at me when I moan about the team but thats nothing new.

The Chicken (Nathan) is still living at mums in my old room. His mum is paying Hazel to keep him so she's happy but he's eating her out of house and home. I dread to think what he's getting up to in my bedroom. He's still totally obsessed with Stuart. It's incredibly funny though I'm not surprised Stu isn't telling you anything about it. It's one thing to have someone fancy you, it's another thing to have a 15 year old stalker following you about. ;) You'll no doubt meet him when you come over.

Cameron's really looking forward to meeting you. He seems to think you're one of the better influences in my life but little does he know eh? You'll like him I think. I mean.. he's gorgeous, responsible, he seems to really like me (did I tell you he thought I was handsome?). But Stuart really doesn't like him. Cam said that Stu made a pass at him... I don't think he'd really do that to me though... would he?

Hey ho... off to work I go. Take care and see you soon

Lots of Love

Vince xx
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........See, it's not tha' I don't love Vince, I've known the twat since we were 14, 'course I love him. Whats not to love about Vince? Alright, he does get a bit geeky sometimes, but you're a twat of a geek too Deb and you don't annoy me too much either, so it must be a fetish of mine or something.

It's just that I don't do love, I'm not talking about family love, not like I love Alfie or Hazel and yeah, Vince. But hearts and roses love. There's too many beautiful men about for me to be able to love like that.

And I can see that look on your face you witch.... that look you always give me. I'm not stupid, I know Vince wants more. His most recent shag Cameron ('told you about him didn't I?) told me as much, but I knew.

I just can't.

So when you up to visit us again? Course you can stay at mine but don't moan this time if I bring a shag home with me. I did offer to get you a hotel remember. ;)

Love S xxx