>_< (elouisa) wrote in letter_2_stuart,

Continued from here

From: s.a.jones@thrive.co.uk
To: manc-exile@yahoo.com

Subject : You drive me fucking insane

Okay Deb. I get it.

Fuck... I always knew you like that sad bastard more than me.

JOKING! Christ woman... I can read your mind from this distance away.

All I meant was that I need to stop Vinnie having around me too much. It's not good for him. He should be spending time with that Aussi wanker, not me.

I'm going to try and tell him though he's not going to listen to me. Fucker never does.

Any road.. he got your present though he's not opened it yet. He's waiting for his birthday before he does. Did he tell you, I'm holding the biggest birthday party for him, Manchester won't have seen anything like it. He's going to have everything, it will piss all over Cameron's attempt at a celebration, I just know it.

See you soon

S xxx

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