>_< (elouisa) wrote in letter_2_stuart,

........See, it's not tha' I don't love Vince, I've known the twat since we were 14, 'course I love him. Whats not to love about Vince? Alright, he does get a bit geeky sometimes, but you're a twat of a geek too Deb and you don't annoy me too much either, so it must be a fetish of mine or something.

It's just that I don't do love, I'm not talking about family love, not like I love Alfie or Hazel and yeah, Vince. But hearts and roses love. There's too many beautiful men about for me to be able to love like that.

And I can see that look on your face you witch.... that look you always give me. I'm not stupid, I know Vince wants more. His most recent shag Cameron ('told you about him didn't I?) told me as much, but I knew.

I just can't.

So when you up to visit us again? Course you can stay at mine but don't moan this time if I bring a shag home with me. I did offer to get you a hotel remember. ;)

Love S xxx

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