a cat-like creature - almost human (tigertale7) wrote in letter_2_stuart,
a cat-like creature - almost human

From: manc-exile@yahoo.com
To: s.a.jones@thrive.co.uk

Subject: [No subject]

I don't even know what to say to you right now. I've just gotten a letter from Vince and he says Cam told him that you made a fucking pass at him. I told him that if something had been said that could be interpreted as a pass that it would have been you looking out for him in your own stupid way. Don't tell me anything else about it because if you were actually trying to cut Vince's legs out from under him for the sake of a jealousy fuck? I Don't. Want. To. Know. This is your best friend's heart your playing with here. Grow the FUCK UP already, Stuart.

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    A post to ensure that this community is not purged & deleted by LJ Thanks Mod xx

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